A lightweight, shareable, interactive browser-based city that is highly customisable and powered by open-source data. Representative of the 'zeitgeist' of particular areas, as well as having connections to present use / interest in the cultual icons the plaques represent.


The Process

Polygons were generated using QGIS, GrassGIS, Paraview and Meshlab/Blender. These were imported into ThreeJS - followed by further customisation for shading, postprocessing effects and interactivity.


Metaballs were created to represent cultural energy. These metaballs are divided by category and linked by proximity. This was achieved through using parametrics in Grasshopper and data input from Processing. These were also imported into ThreeJS and customised for shading and postprocessing effects.

View City

View 'all plaques' city
View metaballs city
View plaques and metaballs for one category
*if city does not load after a few minutes, try clicking & dragging on the screen. Controls: Left click to rotate, right click to pan and mousewheel to zoom.

Oculus Rift Extension

Requires Oculus Bridge
Click on image below to open, press '0' to toggle to Oculus view. Movements / controls (WSAD) and Spacebar require Oculus Bridge to be set up.