Global Magnetism

Whether museums, theatre, music or sports, cultural activity attracts an abundance of visitors - those who wish to experience it and those who want to create it. This begins with the magnetic accumulation of people and artefacts from around the world into one city .

Cultural Icons

Buildings and monuments tell stories about the people and activities that used to exist in place and time. Here we explore how this kind of intangible knowledge can be enriched and understood through crowdsourced data.

Urban Zeitgeist

How can we represent 'the spirit of the times'? Feeling the power of attraction of the human spirit in arts, politics, science, architecture, literature, philosophy, and music.

Icons of reminiscence

Beyond time...socialize with historic cultural innovators in the streets of London through new information technologies.

Group Members

Rowan Blaik
Agata Brok
Oliver Lock
Lyzette Zeno